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All about Snapchat

The operation of Snapchat is quite simple, by opening the interface of application, you will see a button in a circle of large size located at the bottom of the screen and is what you use to capture a photo or video, see also the icon lightning at the top to activate or deactivate the flash of a camera phone, you will see an icon shaped camera which will help you to use the front or rear camera.

You see at the bottom three horizontal lines and through this button you can access the history of contacts you have in our profile Snapchat, in the same location you will see a square which will show the number of new "Snaps" you have received and Finally Snapchat icon located at the top is the one that will allow you to access the configuration section.

When you capture a photo or video with mobile you can make use of tools to include text or draw pictures in the picture, you can also use filters and effects, when you list our image you just have to tap on the arrow symbol to the side to send the message, before it specify the number of seconds to be displayed which can be from 1 to 10, remember that messages self-destruct once the recipient has seen the contents.

With this app you can send a photo or video to more than one person, for this you only have to mark the boxes of the contacts you have on your list. In Snapchat you can recover your password in case you forgot. For this you should access this link
One more detail about Snapchat is that on more than one occasion you will see the term high score and a figure, this figure shows the total amount of Snaps sent and received.

You can also enjoy Snapchat on a PC with Windows operating system. Although in this case the process is a little longer than downloading Snapchat for mobile devices, the fact is that process is also quite simple, you indicate, step by step, how to download Snapchat for Windows Pc, first by downloading the .apk file Snapchat on your PC and then running it through an Android emulator that lets you use Snapchat on your PC without any problem and in a very simple and intuitive way.

Here you have read a basic guide about Snapchat. So now get started and choose a username for Snapchat signup from the following link.